I Am About To…

…fall asleep face first in the keyboard again but there it is: The beautiful souls that know how to live outside the shell…or want to know. There are those very few who have this remarkable ability to make you feel like you are swimming in pure love.

I want to fall asleep with that.

When I fall asleep with that mind set astonishing things occur. I go hiking all over the world. I hug people on mountain tops. I lay in the sand of a shallow surf and hold hands with a dear one.

To those who know how to project that kind of love…How blessed you are. I want to return it to you 1000’s of times and if I knew how I would do that and I try to do that.

I know this one thing: I am the luckiest person on earth to have such people in my life. People of my heart, People of my soul, and People of my humanity. Good night. I plan to dream of such lovely things, people and places…and beautiful faces.

What Do You Think?

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