Only words for you
Or if you want it I will share
My pix-elated face
In some god-forsaken place
Except you would not be like everyone
No question of what is real
We both know real so well

When I think of you
You are the last of the innocent
If you freely came to me

Could I say “no” from love?

As you close your eyes fighting sleep
You know I am crying while I laugh

We know the answer

Maybe that is why you look away
Walk away in cyber space

Today I ignore the Messengers
I would rather it be you
If you come hunting


Know first you hunt yourself
Outside of age and time and space
In some god-forsaken place
You are me

I will not
Fight you anymore
I won’t fight myself
Tired of the jihad
Against eyes and smiles
Of the never seen face

While I wait
Messenger comes while I cry
Asking for one who has only tears
Falling like the rain outside my glass door
While I wait

Years I waited
Someone else calls over and over
Someone I do not know
While I cry thinking of you

Someone cries thinking of me
How like Life life is
I would be the same and call you

But now I know
You killed the tiger
Without a word
Many years ago

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