Towering Rapture

When the room is empty
When the night is cold and dark
When all that is warm
Is a cat snoring on a hearth
I close my eyes
Allow the images of yours
To stare into mine
Asking the questions
Also answering them
No words needed for the trip
Just close your too now
I will hold your brain
In spirit hands gently
Sending all my joy and love
Sitting inside you
Sharing your shell a moment

My friend your real is more like dust
Real things float between atoms
Making love
Sweeter than any flesh can feel
Restored to what was
Is and ever shall be light
Within you and within me

A drug so potent never was
To cause this meaningless happiness
Resting on the brow of Infinity
Nanoseconds with you are aeons
Aeons are eternity
Even tears are gratefully cried
To feel this towering rapture

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