October Always Changes Everything

That October you came by
Walking in the sun you were
Young again with hair still black

Your big white smile
In that small place
Not even on a map

Life was innocent then
For a moment
Two years ago
I smelled your sweat in the sun
I could feel your happiness
Just to be alive

You were the strongest
The most amazing man on earth
You could even make
Tornadoes leave

Your nick names
Bear and Earthquake
Because you were so tall
So strong
You could even
Move a wireline truck
Off a man in danger

You smelled like Old Spice
And fresh raw black oil
Your hands were full of agates
You mind was full of ideas

I never thought you loved me
Head to head we spent a lifetime
You tried to love the insane
I tried to love the angry

You took your last breath
You came to see me
Time stopped
You were a giant man
You were legendary
Like Texas

I was Oklahoma’s child
I belonged to the wind
You made me tall those days
Before the world killed you
Before it killed me
While we yet lived

I am your daughter

Now you know
I am your daughter


Now that you are gone
You walk all over
Making more earthquakes


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