Dreaming Together

We live in a world that seems to be in a mass Apocalyptic Dream. No matter where you go someone is coming to save mankind from itself…or not. Scientists are sure we are destroying the planet with our need for fossil fuel. Each religion seems to have a current theme from Isa (AS) returning to save the world to Khalki the Destroyer cleansing the planet to Mother Nature ridding herself of the human ‘virus’ but; whatever people think they are all on the same page in a large majority these days. 

It’s all in our heads.

Someone once said that we can make anything that is in our heads come true. If this is the case why do good people die early and bad people rule the world? If we all have a concept of ‘fair and equal’ why isn’t everything fair and equal? Is it possible we cannot make anything we want happen with our minds or can we…

…in dreams?

In dreams you can do just about anything you can imagine. You can fly in dreams and travel to oceans and seas you never saw in your life. You can meet people with real names and live whole real stories in dreams. Thirty percent of a human life is spent sleeping. While a person is in REM sleep their brain is rapid firing electrical impulses in a measurable way.

This brings me to the same old question I ask over and over and over again that someone asked me once upon a time: “What sees your hand?”

In essence, through a short series of questions, the one answering in brought to the very real idea that the human brain could not see anything without the electrical force that powers it and that not a single one of us can SEE what sees our hand. We are, therefore, NOT what we can see. We ARE what is in our minds. This is where the ‘spooky action at a distance’ idea comes in.

Have you ever wished your mom would cook something special and she did? How often have you completed your best friends sentence? Have you ever FELT someone praying for you?

Science says these things are mere coincidence. They say we make it up and it is all in our heads and maybe it IS all in our heads? MAYBE…if the media can convince enough people the world is going to go ‘BOOM’ them maybe it WILL go BOOM?

I am just dreaming here and living in my head…just asking the questions. I really don’t know any of the answers except for one surefire thing. I am NOT what sees my hand. To put it another way…My mind is MORE real than the three dimensions I inhabit. No I am not any kind of god to change whatever I please at will or I would do that easily BUT my mind is more real than my hand, my eyes or my brain. If you think you are not the same you are mistaken. Is it all in my mind that people can influence me without words or that they know when I am praying for them?

You bet it is! It is as real as the nose on your face.


What Do You Think?

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