Zak Jah Dyed My Boyfriend Light Blue For Glazed Doughnuts…Ughhhh!

Puck, and his friend Zak Jah, decided to have some fun while my boof was sleeping at a rural campsite in Northern Okieville. They bet each other a box of Crispy Cremes that he would not wake up even if a tornado came by. Puck was pretty sure he would win.

He said Fred would wake up.

Under the beguilement of doughnuts he and Jah definitely  made a weird plan! Puck did not desire to do the dirty work he just wanted to watch so ZJ made a bucket of blue dye while Fred was passed out on the bare ground, from an overdose of homemade German beer, call Puck called ‘Blitzkrieg.’

OK…Zak was really a devilish guy.

Do to the circumstances everyone was a little ‘blitzkrieg-ed’ from that beer. I think Puck used too many hops. We were all pretty dozy. l broke up laughing on Zak Jah’s deadpan face as he poured that bucket of blue dye all over Fred. Fred mumbled, “Nooo nooo mom I am not waking up!” Then he rolled over in the hot Summer night with himself and his clothes covered with wet blue dye.

Puck and Zak argued all night long as to who won the bet. Fred talked so he was awake but he never opened his eyes so he was asleep and finally, before both imps passed out themselves, they agreed that they should split that box of Crispy Cremes.

I passed out next to Fred and the next thing I knew I was looking up at him as his head shielded the sun out of my eyes. He was going to kiss me with zombie-blue lips!


(A flash fiction)

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