Gemstones In My Crown

The riches that I made

Are nothing about material in this life

There are some people
You never can stop loving
No matter how much you try
They are like a one way light-switch
They are light all the time
Not always easy to explain why
Sort of like a meeting of minds
Where all the hidden sweetness finds
More of it’s kind
I can’t stop loving
I tried my best
It’s not my nature to be heartless
I failed that test
But this is how it is supposed to be
Or it would never be this way
I would never feel sad
Because of you another day
But the sadness is beautiful too
Yes worth it all are you
All of you who sent the lights
In cold dark nights
Who made the lonely world
Worth living for
It was written you for me
Even for a year or maybe only three
Even though you might be gone forever
That is only here upon the dirt
Gone you are never
You beat behind this shirt of flesh I wear
Everywhere like springtime flowers
Summer showers and the winds
That sweep down prairie plains
Once I was sad I had to carry all the memory
But now I see the beauty of the gemstones
In the crown of my heart

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