Imagine (thank you John Lennon)

Never confuse a population with it’s rulers. Rulers often do things the population does not agree with. Just because the heads of nations do things people do not like does not mean the THE PEOPLE of those nations agree with them. If we believe all that we are told to believe we will be hating people from India, people from America, people from Saudia, people from Great Britain, people from Iran, people from Palestine and people from Pakistan. This is convenient for rulers: for us to hate each other. If we did not hate each other how would they be able to make people fight and kill each other?

There are people in the world who do not belong to any nation or people or religion and they come in two forms:

The first form is the good-hearted peace-niks who abhor war and hatred, in all their manifestations, and see the idea of one unified Humanity in the light of world peace and equality for all.

The second form are those who would USE this idea, of no rulers and no boundaries, to destroy those who believe in that idea and rule over the very people who would agree with them now and blame the ills of Humankind on the idea that religions and Nations exist.


This is why you can have Al Qaeda supported in one nation and destroyed in another at the same time. This is why nothing seems to make sense in the latest transmogrification of modern war-fare. What APPEARS to be nation against nation is nothing more than people, who have no REAL national affiliation, doing the job they were sent to do so that the Earth can be ruled by the few…and then the One…

‘They’ are like ‘Anonymous.’

They are not public. The leaders you see that you think you get to choose from are their servants. They have no national or religious affiliation and, therefore, can move with impunity in ways that makes no sense so anyone who does believe in diversity and cultural identity. They are Chameleons. All they do is not in anyone’s interest but their own and in this they prove they are, also, human but I think they are also only puppets for another inhuman force.

Those who think this does not exist have a right to think so but I believe this DOES exist. The name you give it does not matter it is the same thing.

(Music by John Lennon. One of the first types.)

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