Almighty One

All that there ever was
Was You Almighty God
All that will ever be
Will be you Almighty God
You are the only One
Who loves me anyway

Forgive me
For you made me thus
Passion for many
Undirected unknown
Every love poem I write
Is to You
Revealed in each soul I love

Sweetest pain it is
To love so much
With only You and I here
But I know Your love
For me is past my understanding
So I hope my tears are Your diamonds
Though made only of glass

If You are all I have left
Let me love You in every face
Let me see You every place
Let me laugh with you
With every friend
Direct that Love towards me
I need You
You Love me

Heart throat aches
Tears dropping
If You will only see favour
In the least of these
In Your Keeping I am
Smile at my mistakes
You knew I would make them

If I could only love You
As much as I need You
Almighty God they think I do not pray
They think I do not know
They think I am not aware of You
You know

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