Long Live The King!

‘Not sure what to do. I said hi to a fellow resident and noted his T shirt looked like a British flag and said he worshipped the king and I was a little surprised because he looked like a guy right out of the cast of Duck Dynasty and I am white and I was born in Texas, for the record, although my spirit is Okie and my accent is my mother’s accent and she is from ‘up nawth’ and so people think I am too but I digress.

So I was surprised and I asked him if he really did worship the king and did he know that Queen Elizabeth was still alive and he gave me a weird look.

With a very belligerent tone he said, “I worship God who is Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour the King of the world!” So I smiled at him to try to break the tension. He had the local accent which I like and I can do also having lived here most of my life and most people I have met love Jeff Foxworthy and his redneck style so to try to break the tension I laughed and said, “Yes you are right I guess a red neck wouldn’t worship queen Elizabeth.” He was suddenly highly offended and said he wasn’t a red neck and walked off and I have to try to apologize for it the next time I see him which might not be so easy as he has several friends here who also look like the cast from Duck Dynasty and probably I will have to make an apology to them all but the interesting thing about all this is: I am white. OK yeah I hang out with other people too but ???? What a weird situation to be in. If you think racial and religious tension doesn’t exist you are living on another planet!

What Do You Think?

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