Seven Pairs of Scissors!

Don’t worry to much about tomorrow because it’s gonna happen or not no matter and life is so full of so many things to enjoy even when it’s hard to see the reasons for the very real physical pain there is always another season you will get up and start again don’t over think it all don’t strive for too much perfection that will keep you from the right direction it is great if you can remember you used to do things cause you liked to not because they were expected if they are will be rejected in the end of everything you have to try to sing and it hardly matters if you can still carry a tune in a bucket if the world doesn’t like the way you sing tell them to make love on the beach but mind the sand it’s pretty nitty gritty and feels like exfoliation wandering down the willow the wisp path avoiding the class math walking alone like you always do but finally not in the deep deep bluesy funk but you were such a choosy drunk and while I wander through the worlds of words and wonder what would happen if I could cut the twists with seven pairs of scissors at a time…

What Do You Think?

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