Lately, when I go to Facebook, it seems like a weird and removed place as if some old sci-fi novel came to life and people are burning books and going for pixels instead of cellular life…

…yet it has sustained my sanity during times when I had no one.

Everything and nothing changes always and never and sometimes the bustle is as far removed from reality as the binary code and maybe we are all just part of a dream but I can still reach out and feel a soul 1000’s of miles away better than I can one next to me…or maybe one next to me is wanting to drive away all the binary ghosts or maybe I really don’t know?

Hungry without hunger and crowded with loneliness or sleepless with exhaustion and wondering why this universe that held me safe from insanity for so many years now seems remote and senseless?

This love hate thing has seen so many wash up on this shore of dreams and then wash back out to sea until the ships that pass in the night blow friendly fog horns and pass on without anchoring to trade goods.

I want to hug you and not let go. I hate my naked face all broken with age and I like my mind even when it scares me or makes me soar or both and still inhabits this bag of flesh that I am glad to wield until when?

We never know that and never can.

I go and peek from time to time but more and more I find that the sea beckons me to leave the beach.

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