See Far

Oh how we can never know
For certain how the winds will blow
The little ships that are our lives
Each moment is a new surprise
No one thought they’d become
Those things never chosen by some
Or the little hells with which we live
Or the little heavens that we give
Past all these things that, you, surround
Laughing screaming loving without sound
Behind the face only the world can see
Behind that face you’ll find us: you and me
The things we never mention for the hopelessness
The things we vocalize so we can, hope, ingress
Behind it all plays an orchestra
You and I are maestro and maestra
Manipulating electric vibrations
The song the world sees interpretations
The song the one once called ‘Of Myself’
Is the song of ‘Everyman’ I do believe
Some sing it with great skill and some with poor
No matter how we sing it: face that ‘door’
Through, whose entrance, none seem to return
In spite of that the things we make we learn
Old photos and old letters and old life are
Some day to become nothing but a ‘sifar’
Or some say ‘cypher’ and some say a story
That starts and ends with zero for the glory.

What Do You Think?

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