“Once something is branded on the human mind the mind must be branded again to change the symbol, but if the branding is all to the worst of symbology, often, by the time you get a chance for a ‘positive brand’ of change you are trying to brand nothing but scar tissue.

You see, people do not forget how they branded you, even after they have been proven wrong because people don’t like to be wrong and they are uncomfortable with the idea of the injustices done. They cannot look at you without that IDEA lurking in the back of their minds and they will never let it go because every time they see you they will see the burn marks where they made you scream while they laughed and they cannot ever own they did those things.

Words are branding irons. Phrases and ideas, once spoken, steam in the cooling water of the bucket, by the embers, once they are no longer needed but the brand…

…lasts forever. ”


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