Fast Slide to Hell

Toddplylant.comEveryone has a part of them that never shows…Anyone who said they didn’t would be a liar…Just because I write things does not mean they happen in real life...indeed in some cases fastasy is full of winged things….don’t feel bad if you think you are bad…everyone has that in them….the only thing is we cannot live that way in out reality or the world would be chaos. This is why there are rules and laws….this is why people may be one way sometimes and another at other times. I tried to be good for years…I tried to be holy for years and for the last year in particular I have found that everyone is like me. In fact some do not even come close to what is in my mind…I have self control in real life….so my answer will be ‘no’ 99.9% of the time but I am still human and not dead and I have no more belief in the kind of love found in my wonderful fearie tale I first allowed to be seen….would that such love and such people were real. Even the holiest at Playboy….even those who would seem most innocent one day shock with a photo that was accidentally geared wrong…sometimes I get tired of trying to be good when the whole world seems like it is on a fast slide to hell…but even then those of us with no one need someone even if we have to write them ourselves…As I do…

What Do You Think?

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