Spin into the whirl of all things
Sparkle with tears or smiles
Come my Soul
You are the only Beloved
I love because You are my mirror
I see You in every set of fervent eyes
Almost giving up the fight for Justice
Walking on and on when the reason is forgotten
I can only dive into Your depths
You are is so many hearts
You are a light that shines to light
Distant oasis of Joy in words of despair
You are always there
When pain is the strongest You show me how to bare my teeth
To mock
Once tender and sweet
Now stern like winds that lift the red iron dirt into the sky
Dropping whirlwinds
You are not me as I can be seen
You are the quest in the unseen
You are the prayers that go with electric force
Into the minds of Love
They cannot see You flowing into them
You are not trapped by these walls
You leave in sleep and see the worlds
You show me love like no human can
Safe in you I dwell my Soul
Sing for me
Old words
I am more
You see the clown with the sad eyes
Is only a disguise
I am hear
Watch the children play the games you used to know
Let them go
They cannot understand
Play a while
Know it is just a play
Love is there just ahead
Love is You my soul
You have cradled my head when I screamed to heavens unhearing
I could not see you were there always
Holding me as close as a Lover does

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