…And Then Go Shopping

The unwashed folds of human flesh that stink in the sun like rotten cheese and the toothless mouths of living cadavers all the homeless ride on Friday free fare day as the City gives, unknowing, zakat to the poor and the aimless smell of swisher blunts wafts on the breeze the homeless escape the heat to the free fare A/C’s and all brings you to your knees in prayer that you are blessed with all you share. The driver bounces on a spring; women wear feaux diamonds ring and smooth black faces smile bright Ebonic flows chatter rapping mama knows the routes bus hopping never stopping except now for prayer alone in the changing stall at the local Y so now I shall in Duhr. On the outbound in a woman makes me think of what my mother might be without love and so I hold her hand while she cries and ask God to bless her and does she need fare for tomorrow. At the sound of the word ‘God’ she snatches back her hand and devils smile at me with her mouth and I start to pray, “Fa Akeem…” Her blue eyes gleam and her hands shake and the driver has to fast brake and her purse flies into the isle and I grab it and hand it back and return stare for stare she looks away as if I am not there and they try me but I have the Mercy. 

What Do You Think?

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