Jigri Friend…Habibi

No doubt

I enjoy your company

You are weird

You are like me

But our brand of strange

I don’t think it would last long term

We would end up like blasting caps

Under the gun

You can be my friend

My friend

I don’t care

How rich you ever get

I never married a man

For that reason yet

And I think

I don’t want to marry

Ever again.

The sex

Wasn’t even awesome

Not for either of us

I’m not chopping you

It is just

We’re both too different

To enjoy it

Like different species

Of alien

It would take a long long time

To get the pattern right

We won’t ever marry.

That said

You will make an awesome friend

You are smart like crazy

You are fun to be with

You are like nobody else

You called me sweetheart

Make the word

From my adopted culture

Be my jigri friend


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