Face Book

It used to be ‘The Place’ book

When the bandwidth was exceeded

My space was impeded

Running from the ‘ad-man’

Running from the ‘bad’ ban

You tube used to be free

So was my Face-book home…me

I did not mind the warnings

Early in the mornings

Written in the cute pink boxes

By the Facebook foxes

You could go there

You could share

And be ‘ad free’

I don’t own a TV

Reason: because bad news

Only brings the real blues

It’s not that things don’t matter

But they beat things ’til they shatter

Like the human mind on overload

Destruction news ’til it explode

Dead everywhere you wanna look

Buy the story buy the book

Celebrities I do not know

Getting kicked off TV shows

That I don’t even know about

Or even want to know a nowt

Dreaming of another Life

When I had everything to Live

How I turned my back and left

To keep promises I gave

All I wanna do is cry

Watch the world around me die

Someone will force it in my eye

I might ignore but they still try

If there was someone here with me

There has been once or twice

The whole thing was a roaring sin

But it sure was nice

Still have to get up the next day

Still have to find another way

Life is worth living still

I promise that I will


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