I remember you. You were doves disappearing into thin air.

Both of us know the prison of years now. We are the same. We are so different. I remember you. Master musician unknown would also taste the bars as well as the bars.

Maybe we all have bars.

I will serve you then. I served you my love so many times. It was too hard to accept: my Love. We filled cups with dreams and drank air and called it real. No more real than raking leaves and singing ‘Bratach Bana’ to blue September skies.

I remember you.

You blew in like the storms here do in glorious abandon and swept me up to heights I never knew. I saw the world instead of just a patch of earth. Leaving you was leaving my own soul…how many times I had left my soul behind…each human horcrux carries some of me inside and I never disappear.

No we never go away.

I remember you.

You were the meaning of a smile. You were promises and laughter. Years wasted willingly with you and nothing came of it but empty hands and yet you are as much my life as you ever were from the beginning…

I remember you.

You told me the truth. You told me it was all in my mind. You are the star in universes I cannot touch and desire not to sully with the sewers of the human mind. You showed me my own face in your beautiful face.

So I remember you.

Wearing a tan and cream Summer dress with coke spilled on it. Hiding the shame of being dirty from the other children who were strangers in the park and still are and may always be? It was you I loved all along. I gave you so many faces and dreams but deep inside I loved you…

You are the art no one understands. You are magnificence hidden by years of drifting sand. You are beautiful and amazing. You must be because that is what you see in me…

…and things twist.

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