As long as mankind is around
We will burn it to the ground
That’s just how we operate
Alot less love, alot more hate
Someone will snatch away the land
War dogs will bite someones hand
We’ll use a forest until it’s sand
Think with the ‘adrenal gland’.
We’ll point out how the ‘other guy’
Makes the world’s women cry
Ignore the women of our own
Crying, living all alone
We’ll judge ‘THEM’ and show the proof
We’ll feel righteous and aloof
We’ll shoot our own foot when we goof
Then we’ll cover up ‘De truf’….
We’ll hobble out and shake out finger
In the face of ‘That malingerer’
Spay our women, spray our crops
Few babies born, population drops
Make lots of porn spank lots of ‘cops’
In uniforms ranks feed them slops
‘We’ are ‘everyone on earth’
Not “Us and Them”: equally worth
Mothers all who gave us birth
While anothers tears cause mirth
So think before you finger point
At fingers rolling up a joint
Or fingers on a trigger click
Or fingers wrapped around a dick
Hardly a soul is innocent
How many left with pure intent
Childhood destroyed by information quick
At every keystrokes fingertip

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