Write this Second

Searching for that ‘place’ where releases end in…..
Secure in some thought there is ‘somwhere’

“Patty cake patty cake
Bakers Mourn
Chickens in the meal
Cows in the corn”

Time retreats somewhere
Laughing without knowing about time
Children run and play
Tests are over now
Love is everywhere like grass
Change stays It’s hand
Show me yours I’ll show you mine,

“Ring around the rosy
Pockets full of posy
Ashes Ashes

No diseases, no pain
Over now like all our yesterdays
Time retreats somewhere
Healthy chuckles over words with no meaning
Inside still undecorated by De Sade
Nilhilism no more than catoon ‘naga’ champa
Gone in winds from Lethe

“Lucy Locket lost her pocket
Kitty Fisher found it
Nothing in it
But the lining ’round it”

(nod to ‘Mother Goose’….each of these poems has a terrible meaning behind them…they are used to contrast the nature of innocence…)

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