Why Do You Come Here?

I am turning in for the night…..I miss some of you a lot but it’s all good…..Someone asked me “Why do you come here?”

Well a big part of it is art and writing. Part of it is learning things. Maybe one of the most important parts is sharing all that with people I love a great deal.

You see I don’t dance anymore…or play a musical instrument…I don’t date anyone in real life…I don’t party…no alcohol no drugs no sex no no no no…

No real life either and getting one the way I am is not that easy….(well it could be if I had no standards but I have standards.)

What you know of me here then is, in a very real sense, the me the ‘real’ world does not see…indeed the ‘real’ world does not see much of me at all and when I am in the real world I am very quiet most of the time these days.

So this IS my world:

This IS my ‘Final Fantasy’…it even has devils and goblins and people who think they can fly….crazy people…sane people….but the best ones of all are the magical people.

So I miss you Cinnamon and it looks like I will be missing Sky too…but it’s all good…There is always another soul waiting to warm a cold and tired mind at the fires of mine.

What Do You Think?

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