Breaks for Me

You think you got it figured out
You know where you’re going
You get to where you thought you’d be
You scratch your head not knowing
That when, seeker, you got there
Things were just not the same
That you thought they would be
When you still believed ‘The Game’

First your heart breaks for the world
‘Til you realize you can’t save it
Then you  love some boy or girl
Heart breaks ’cause you can’t have it
Then you find a dream you love to do
You give it all your heart YOU DO
You still believe you still believe
‘Good left in this world’ is TRUE

Then you think it’s done so you kick back have some fun
The storm comes in and crushes your dreams to dust

As it must…

Heart break once again when you thought it was impossible
You reach and try again you still believe it is all possible

Then it’s dust

I finally figured out that it will not stop til I die
That until angels come to get me
I will still sometimes cry
And pray that I am forgiven
For living the hand I was dealt
I thought I was finally ice and steel
I found out both can melt

After all these years I am alive to be
Finally my own heart breaks..

….for me.

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