Full Bus

Full Bus

Red faced from heat running
Crossing the street stout homeless
Desperation to know a direction
Hoping for the solace of a seat
Going to a known destination
Not allowed to stop for his flagging
Wave almost giving up from weak
The bus stopped only at the designate
Driver instructor onboard
Coveted seats taken
Hissing doors open
A man pleads and they shake their heads
Resolute that they cannot change direction
They cannot go to a hospital
They cannot help
He needs to catch an outbound bus
We are inbound
The routes cannot change

Please please

The man begged for the hospital
We could not take him
Doors hissed closed
Passing in the roar of start again
I saw the sound of his mouth
Open in a silent scream
While a man screamed with him
A crazy man
From the back of the bus
Clutching his belly
Overhanging in suffering
The hot summer day
Full bus

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