Facebook Musings

I was just talking with someone who maybe really cares….that I trust really cares….He pointed out a few things. This reminded me of something another person who I know cares said to me.

I don’t owe anyone anything. I do not even owe you my age. if you are not planning on marrying me or paying my bills I do not owe you anything. I owe my allegiances to the people who care for me. What they say is of vastly greater importance than what anyone else says.

I have lived thinking that complete honesty is best and it is best and I still believe that….but how much and to whom and for what reason?

He made me think.

This life is not a contest. The one with the most friends is not the winner or the one with people worshipping at their feet. In the end there are no ‘winners’ in this sense because it is nothing but an illusion.

I do not owe you my latest photo, I do not owe you the cam, I do not owe you all my information I do not owe you anything…I do not owe you an immediate grant of a friends request…If that makes someone else more popular so be it I am alone all the time in real life anyway….

What Do You Think?

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