Logical Love

Do not believe in the love of humans
If they give it you are blessed beyond compare
Too often we look at dreams as real
If those dreams come true it is quite rare
Rare is the soul willing to uproot place
Leave the known for unfamiliar face
I may love millions or only one
With just niaat…but when the niaat is done?

We love when we give by deed
For the sake of ‘other’ plant the seed
Not knowing what will grow yet still accept
The facts that led to logic as it leap’t
That this one gave or this one to a point
With what gratitude these heads annoint
Knowing deep inside that love is deed
Conditions based somewhere in need

You were here for months and had you loved me
The way that you confessed you’d have come
It was never beyond your ability to spare
You were no longer ‘Over there.’
I know that family must always come first
Those who forget family are worst
Yet at the same time if you have true love
Nothing on earth will keep you from it

What Do You Think?

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