I keep missing you

So trite this way

You’re on my mind

Every single day

I keep missing you

I don’t know why

It’s underlined

Every word every way

How can it be

The years of this

Of how always

‘We’ cannot exist

And yet we do

We keep on going

In different worlds

Each of us knowing

I love you

You don’t love me

Back the same way

It will never be

I love you

I live in your heart

You can never kick

Me out I’m a part

Of you forever

Always a part

Of who you are

It doesn’t matter

If you are so far

Away from me

Let it be that way but

We both understand

I could touch your hand

Bringing down everything

Into barren sand

Just know I miss you

You’re just a thought away

Every single day

For you I say a prayer

Even if I’m never there


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