………… A Muse For…

Thinking lots of things.

I don’t own a TV and people keep reminding me why I don’t own one. Now, where I live, if you want more than mind-numbing mass tripe you have to pay for the levels of ‘premium channels’ you get and the less mind-numbing it is the more you pay. Basic cable, which is available to all proles, is nothing but 24/7 ‘two minutes hate’ training for sheep.

Today I woke up.


These days I am sleeping ten hours like there is some kind of zombie ELF ray aimed at the medical plaza. I live in the middle of said medical plaza. Where I used to live there must be some evil ELF ray aimed there because people homicide and suicide if that is their habitual abode. OK granted the sleep is preferable to killing someone but SHEESH AHHHHH!!!!! Ten hours???? Where are you Royal Rife man I need a ray gun! Get Tesla and come over! I will cook!

Thinking, “Oh crap it’s prayer time and people will think I am not really doing it because I can’t get up off the floor so there is no way to do a normal salat so my prayers go faster than a normal person’s and people used to ‘check up on me’ online which made me mad and so I messed up prayer time just to screw with them and… GAHHHHHH! … WHO CARES!

Just pray Allah/God knows and if people have nothing better to do than try to stalk the prayer times of an old woman I feel bad for them they must have no life. Each one of us has our own thing with The Creator of All Things and no one else can walk each road but the one who was born on that road so chill…no need to woory about the ‘others.’

I am doing alot better, Allhamdulillah/Praise God and I am starting to woory now if I don’t get to swim because of rain or the pool is down or it’s Sunday and the bus isn’t running that people will think I am not trying hard enough and THERE IT IS AGAIN!

Caring what other people think because I am not normal like they are “GAHHHHHH!!!!”  They are not like me so what they think makes no difference. The only people whose opinion should matter are those who help me and take care of me the rest of the people can go take a hike. I might need to explain things to Mom or Azam or Sofia but that’s about it! No one else needs the explanation!

Opinions and people…Why am I friends with assholes? Originally the reason for having a 700 plus, and growing, list of friends was to get me more exposure and yeah I get that. If you want fans you have to be nice to assholes but SHEESH…That is why I opened this group back up. It’s easier than having two profiles and I DO have two profiles. It is just a pain in the patooty to log in and out of two profiles!

(Yes I am THAT lazy!)

The best times I ever had in my life I was stoned, drunk or sinning. This is the test of Life I guess. How to get through it to the end without the soaring heights you have been to…and maybe that is why those soaring heights are not a great idea: because they cannot be maintained unless you are super rich or Super-man. The rest of us just have to keep slogging onward to Destiny.

Finally…I think I think too much.

What Do You Think?

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