…………. A Mused Tree

Today, in the main bus terminal, I purchased the slip card that will allow me better access than the regular bus routes that don’t go all the places I need to in a way I need to go. I will still use the main bus route for the basic things I got it for in the first place but this new level will get me to Wally World and back without trying to carry a months worth of groceries AND a four wheeled walker, all at once, on a full bus and then try to push 100 pounds of groceries a quarter of a mile (which is a risky thing for me to consider for more than one reason.)

This is going to be an awesome new chapter in everything and thanks sis!

Anyway I discovered a new thing about me I never had to discover before to this level of detail: I am like a really super precocious 12 year old kid: I trust people. Stranger-danger did not exist when I was a young kid. Needless to say that when people found out I accepted a ride home, on a 90 degree day, with a real life gangster who had a 2 tear-drops tattooed on his eye because he was nice and had a big smile…


…I guess that was not a good idea but, at the time, it seemed like a worse idea to snub him. Sorta like being mean to the poor kid because he doesn’t have as much only…

…I am a poor kid in many ways too.

I mean what do you do when racial tension seems to be cranking up every day and no matter where you are, a poor red-neck hood or a nice city hood it’s STILL the HOOD. I have to live here ya’ know? Anyway this new mode of transport will take me out of the awkward situations where my little-kid-on-the-‘play-fair’-ground wants to believe in and trust everyone for the sake of peace.

Back to today at the main terminal.

I went to purchase the slide card and when I got to the window I could not get close as there were large clumps of mud and a heel print from the mud leading out the door I had just come through. When I approached the counter from the side instead of from the front I smelled it.


I looked again and the trail was obvious. Someone who could walk was shitting their pants while standing at the window and then walked off with it falling out their pant leg and while their heel tread upon it and the trail told a story that needed no explanation.

It made me think. It made me think of the man who needed to go to the hospital as fast as he could but he was not at the right bus stop and the bus could not change course for him. It made me think of the people baking in the heat while the gangsta drove me home. He did not rob me although he did try to ‘pick me up’ he did not push that angle hard either. It made me think of the days I had a car and I could pull over to anywhere with a bathroom and go at will even behind the trees if I was waaaayyyy out in the boondocks.

I bet whoever that was wished they had been waaaaay out in the boondocks today.

The bus doesn’t stop so you can go to the toilet. If you are like me and you can’t go far or fast you have to PLAN everything! EVERYTHING! Young kids could yank the cord anywhere along the route and run for it and maybe make it into Micky D’s before ‘it’ was born but people like me? No way. You plan, like me, or like many old people who can afford it, you wear a diaper or really sturdy underwear. Whoever this was was not even rich enough for underwear if it was rolling down their leg and the way that trail looked it had to be. Not only that but it is very hot outside and maybe they were suffering from heatstroke?

Sometimes some shit makes you think…

What Do You Think?

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