Time Pass

Sometimes I see the young people here
Posting those ‘dreams and desires’
What they will do what they will be I fear
Time makes most of us liars
We never intend to
Time swiftly to spend do
Most of us are so sincere
When we are young people here

I talk to a few age mates now and again
None of us are doing what we dreamed ‘back then’
No one is married to that old flame
Hell half of them can’t recall whose name….
Made ’em feel like dyin’
Made ’em give up and quit tryin’
Back when we thought real was the ‘game’
And here we are again

I try not to dream too much anymore
Focus in only on the things I can perform
For I learned now way too late that is the core
To get what you want you gotta get torn
Gotta suffer some loss
Gotta pay up some cost
Without becoming a ‘whore’
Trying to get where you’re aiming for

I know a few kids who know what if means to fight
They know what it means to sacrifice ‘party night.’
They know deeds mean more than words
They don’t talk much about what they’re ‘gonna be’
‘Cause their already going
On their way knowing
They are DOING all the things that other people SAY…
They’re on their way….
They’re on their way….
They’re on their way….

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