A Nod to ‘Amuse Ate’

Let it be what comes
We say ‘real’ or ‘un’
Sometimes the choice is gone,
We made it.
Let it be what comes,
Since it was written thus,
All anyone can do,
No ‘trade it’.

Just try and keep on trying,
No matter what the words,
At least you can say ‘tried’
Facing the ‘gates’.
We all fall and fail,
In ‘worldly sea’ submerge,
Might be all feet left fried,
A little by these fates.
“Aliens and Chirpers,
Sinners, Holy Pretenders,”
Those to try to ‘pole vault’ Life,
Beggars and dead-enders,

Let it be what comes,
No need to ‘snatch’ this veil
From the worlds’ face
For It is ‘fell’.
While the world’s ruins pool,
Into each place so condemned,
So many reasons why to question,
“What was it we defended?”

The last Ghazi’s
The last Khalki’s
The last of those who kept heart holy,
Will travel alone and be found

Among the lowly,

For the name you give a soul,
That managed ‘pure’ in the world,
Is rare indeed,
They are what they are

No matter how you call them…..

Those of us who walked the line,
Between the boats,
Of sanity and Insanity,
Into the sharks have fallen,

Waiting because choice was pushed,
Aside for Love…(or ‘Love’)…
All the same really in the games we play,
We go estray,

As humans may.

(with a nod to Prita Dwi Kurniawati, Adnan Ullah Khan, Jasbir Singh, and Muhammad Ali Pasha)

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