Hold On!

Sometimes you find out sad stuff but you still have to keep going…

Sometimes It feels like every step forward you get knocked back three more…That all the things you are doing that you are supposed to do are like the definition of insanity…but you have to keep on try and going even though it feels like nothing is happening…it’s like a raffle ticket…You might not get the prize but if you don’t buy the ticket you FOR SURE won’t get the prize. Sometimes life is about keeping on KEEPING ON through the disappointments, the lack of results, and the only thing that keeps one foot in front of the other is the hope that MAYBE tomorrow that something you do will FINALLY work…I am not just talking about love…I am also talking about getting stronger, healthier, making the docs see me over and over until one of them says, “I can” instead of “High Risk”… It might mean going through a whole 24 hours and no one touches you…it might mean getting up and putting on street clothes and makeup that no one will see…and getting on that bike, writing that story, making that piece of art work ONE MORE TIME when you feel like there is “nothing in you except the will that says to you…’hold on!’…” (Rudyard Kipling)

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