The Definition

Sometimes I wonder why the things that are supposed to have a great result have a bad result and the regular things just have a neutral result but nothing seems to have a positive result. People have blamed me for that without being in my mind to realize that, when I embark on a new venture, I do it with my whole heart and enthusiasm and full belief, (even though I have been shown over and over again), that THIS new thing will work…

…only it doesn’t.

The reality for most is that is nothing can be done and things get worse whether or not we want them too. Someone special inspired me with a hadith about suffering and how there are rewards for that and something about those words was majickal…..


Sometimes this is the place to divert yourself when the pain, silence and the aloneness all in and around would drive a lesser person insane…but then…maybe….?????


Belief helps achieve things there is no doubt that it does, BUT belief alone does not make things happen without action…and sometimes even belief with action changes nothing or even makes things worse when it was supposed to make them better.

Someone who once called me ‘negative’ told me this, “You know what happened in the old days to people who did not get the kind of things you need and that they are too scared to help you with right?” (That was really so POSITIVE but she is a true angel and means well.)


I saw my fathers adoptive mother die like that with a morphine pump…that does not mean that will happen to me or not happen to me or that anything anyone says or dreams or does will or will not be.

DO DREAM! DO ACT! DO TRY! Just be cause it does not work does not mean you should lay down and give up…at the same time do not live the definition of insanity, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome…but more even than this never judge someone for the worst, based off of what you THINK they are given, the tiny bit of knowledge you might have about them from online…EVEN IN REAL LIFE you can hardly know your own parents and all that made them who they are or even begin to understand why one human being is one way and another human being is another way.

Walk your own path…
I am the only one who can walk mine…

What Do You Think?

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