We The People

apollo17_earthWe the People are from everywhere you can imagine. We the People are from all over the globe and We the People have to get over ourselves and start to work together.

We the People have to admit the horrors of our collective past instead of sweep them under the rug and say “We were not there we are not responsible.”

We ALL inherit the things from our forbears and if you are mixed ANYTHING you inherit that too! ‘Science’ has published numerous papers on the effects of drugs, alcohol, and perhaps the worst of all; the flood of bad hormones that drenches a fetus in the womb and causes it to be born with a vastly inflated potential for problems in life, so if you think that the defeated ones of this nation are SOLELY responsible for the shape they are in you are wrong.

Now that I have said that I have to say this:

STILL, no matter what has gone before we have to start listening, learning, and caring about each other. We are FAMILY.

Yeah yeah yeah I know, we are not ‘blood’ and all that but wait…you said your great grandma was Cherokee? Your Great Grandpa was Irish? What is this?


I am going to write about two mind-sets that, over the years, I have come to understand.

The first mind set is a ‘get-over-it-and-pull-yourself-up-by-your-boot-straps’ sort of attitude and it DOES work for many circumstances. This type of cultural attitude breeds tough people and survivours but it also comes with the ideas of possession and ownership.

There are many ways to look at things.

Today I saw a guy out on the road. He was a vet he had the right old stuff pinned on an old tattered hat. He was begging for a job.

When the rules for the current wealth system in our nation were implemented a man like my father, with no college degree in engineering, could become a teacher of engineering because he was smart. He started working for a company before they had to know when you go to the bathroom and when you brush your teeth in order to hire you. People were often hired and fired, on the spot, without ceremony or paper-work, because none was needed. You either worked or you didn’t.

When I was a kid no one had to pay to insure anything they owned. The idea of of retirement began when I was in kindergarten and they DRAGGED my first teacher away, in tears, and forced him to retire because that, ‘was the new law now.’

But let us go back even further in time to the days when families lived together in one big house. Some places are still like that but, mostly, America is not anymore. This system had, and has, (ask some of my Pakistani friends) the most able family members going out to get ‘the goods’ and work and do all for those who cannot do. There is no idea of social welfare because it begins at home. You work and you feed EVERYONE. You even help your lazy brother-in-law you can’t stand because he is married to your sister and the whole family lives in one place.

But let us go back even further in time to the days when a family was a small community of 2000 to 5000 people and the men went out and killed the meat and the women went out and dug up the roots and the older children tended the younger ones and repaired shoes and clothes and fetched water. Some were stronger and fetched MORE water and some were weaker and fetched less. Some hunters made big kills and some made small kills BUT when all the goods got back to the community EVERYONE got some. Yeah the mighty ones got the liver and the heart but everyone got food and water.

Take humanity back to it’s base and core and it is about family. Humanity is about inclusion. The worst punishment a criminal can have, in ‘primitive’ society, is EXCLUSION.

This is, of course, a very simplistic view and there is NO QUESTION that in EVERY CASE there is the idea of ‘merit.’

Back to the man standing by the freeway begging.

Where is his family?

Why isn’t it there?

What have we done to ourselves as a people and a nation focusing on public welfare and forgetting that out families have fallen apart or been killed, or been subjected to things that will hound their kids over the generations?

What is the definition of insanity? To do the same thing over and over an expect a different outcome?

I am not here to take a ‘side.’ I understand, although I do not agree with, those who say a symbol has no value or a human who will not work but ‘can’, (where there is no job they can just start DOING without the circus hoops and papers that say they ‘arrived’), deserves nothing. I also understand those who want the famed idea of ‘Ubuntu’ and that everyone be equal. I also cannot agree with that except on an idealist level because humanity will always have a chief, king, general, great leader (ad nauseum.)

Merit will always matter.

The bottom line is this: while both sides stand and look at each other with their clever arguments ready to shoot and their adamant reality that theirs is the only truth the world is going to hell.

As long as ‘We The People’ are at odds with each other we cannot do one single thing to change the course we have allowed ourselves to be herded into.


My rant for the day.

What Do You Think?

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