Nobody believes
You cry


This is the way of life:
You have to see what is real
With open eyes

It’s not fair
To drag
Anyone’s heart along
From pity or from fear


It is better to cry alone
Than to curse the life
For pairing you
With a dream you’ll never kiss

Chase this?

You say
“I need you.”

Can’t you see the meaning
Of the words?

Need is
Only for the Market-place
Searching for the face
To purchase with a heart

Love is

Wanting what you can’t have
Chasing you is
What you don’t want
In the circle
We all run until we drop
Until we have no choice
Until we


Look around you
Who is there
In your real world to hold your hand?
Performing love’s command
That is the deed
Not the need

When you see this truth…

You are freed.

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