The Bridge in Hell (Love on the Internet)

Storm coming

In my mind I live a 1000 lives
I cannot live without

Such desire not only loves

But kills

Straddling a crest of pleasure

Good and Evil treasure
While the world blacks out

But kills
Only in my head

Twisted long ago
Into this thread the creator of my thoughts

Now dead
Loving the one who wields the whip
Loving the way that hatred feels
As human minds explode
With recognition
That every emotion is the same
The screams of birth
The screams of death
The pain of life

Makes the flower in the desert
A scene to cry rivers for those clouds
Fly through skeen wind
The thunderstorms bite white light
Trees upon their knees
Falling rocks like hearts
Crush the unsuspecting
Rushing thrills and racing darts

The mighty passion

Stuck on a swaying bridge
In a tornadic swirl
Such as adulterers in Hell
Clutching the uncatchable air


Someone real was there.

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