Let this list go faraday…

The list never ends and there should be time to do something fun out in the sandbox with the bucket and just tell the world to slide into a whole bunch of roses would be nice and if you brought them I’d kiss you while we ran two times around the Maypole holding rainbow rivers ribbon with the tads scads of baby frogs and Dalmatians touching noses while we forage out among the rocks a sea forever.

I have to let it all go…

…washing down the rabbit hole with a jar of marmalade and when that’s all been done and what was that thing we talked about a thousand years ago and nothing rings a bell these days unless it’s in a poem from across the pond a wastrel sings from a hill afar-some sheep herders roam-like-gypsies looking for a place to hang a tattered hat and buy a pint in town.

But still you haunt my dreams…

…you three must, I fear, remain: strangers that I love as we are watched by angels up where the universes meet like sands upon the shore in sparkled sun we run clasped hands fantasmagi transmogrified weaving the the wefts design that paradise will see to make you free in joyful surprise that I would not desire love’s captivity for my heart of fire…and yes…this time…for you…I’ll make it rhyme.

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