‘Looked in the mirror today,
“Hey!”, I said, “Hey hey! I
Am not afraid of ‘grey’…”
It’s mostly white
Coming in fast this year.
If I don’t fight I’ll be all white,
I mean all RIGHT-HO
By next year I fear.
But no,
I don’t fear when that gets here
There will be no hiding
Where I am abiding
I never thought I’d live this long
While some say weak
I still am strong.

I’ll wear my white-grey
Like a badge!
I say I SAY…
I’ll FLAUNT it!
It means I was blessed
To live this long!
One more haircut I will have
Before I stop the game
And grow the grey perhaps
Out long again?

This last cut
Will be the last remains
Of the last dye job I had
To match the ‘roots’
My mind disdains
The henna hiding
My inner self reboots

Once I thought:
“If I get rich ever
I will grow old never!
I will be like Barbara Walters!
I will buy a pretty face
Live in a pretty place
And fill a coffin
With all my success.”


That was me…
The me that hated who I was
Who hated how I looked
Who hated that I’ll ‘end’
Someday but my friend…


It occurred to me today,
After a conversation with someone
Who said they never would have
If they had a choice today
And all the choices I have made
That were the same
All regrets laid
Upon the door-step of Time left
Now fled from me I am bereft


If I am grey I say
I made it this far in years
In tears and fears my dears
In love and joy and hey…HEY!
I am still here alive to take a breath,
No matter what I look like I’ll taste death
The same as you will they will we will all
Be set on fire…carried out by pall

If I get rich today
I pray
That after general health
I just like me the way I am

And if I have the means
To help another
Rather than pin up my skin
Help my brother
Raise a school perhaps
Or raise a home
Or something good in life
Before I’m done

And make myself happy
With a few things

BUT OUT of me

If I am never rich
‘Never have more than now,
I am so wealthy
You cannot imagine how!

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