I will create you

I will rip you forth from anguished spark
Bursting into words
In caves of bone
You will become The Dream I live
Each morning
When my eyes flutter
Into the rising sun
Whispering a prayer
You will meet me there

You will be every hope

You are one who holds me close
Unafraid of time
In places
So lovely humans
Only can dream
While hairs raise
On sweating necks
At even one glimpse
No famed fearie meadows
No airless sky-split sun
Not even pacific blue
Comes close to the look
In the heavens of your eyes
I will create to dream
Before the whispered prayer

At your dance
Just as the sun shoots
Green shot ruffled pink
Sweet mimosa nectar
Gypsie dance
Heels stutter on icecaps
Whispered prayers
I will speak you
I will whisper you
Until you become

I will cry your many names
Until the sounds coalesce
You will walk forth
You will finally let me know
Who you are
Until that day
I will whisper and pray
As the night wheels into day

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