Nearly Naked

Almost naked truth
Threatens to remove it’s last
I hide my eyes
I do not want to see
Those were not lying
Who said ‘ignorance is bliss’
For having climbed to blissful heights
Fall to nothing
Looking at the clouds
Once I lived there
The sun was sweet
Zenon did not circle us
I Understand
Better than one might know the soul
That desires to die to have some great goal
Yet is too weak to live and lives by choice alone
I understand hope gone
When Truth takes off her blindfold and her clothes
Her scales drop in the dust of war
Law fades to lusts survival

Oh Truth
Do not remove your blindfold yet
I do not wish to see the scars
Inflicted on you by the worlds swords
They make me dizzy with fear
Those who would tear the veil to shreds

I see you creep in desperate hearts
Showing me thier stark reality
Showing me how little I mean
People mad with chasing pretty lights
Running in darkness

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