To Every You

Let’s escape!
Your hand is warm,
Don’t let go now,
You might
Be lost in the Void!
I look back,
Pulling you,
Along with me,
Over my shoulder
Your eyes laugh
Your teeth

Into the light we run!

No fear now!
Full stop!


If I focus on you,
Meditate on your existence…
Will you feel my mind,
Wrap around yours?


Each other in the earth,
Found now in the sun,
Pulling each other,
In magnetic fields,
Full of every hue,

Human eyes can’t see,
Sending you,
Every volume,
Written in the heavens,
With every name,
You wear,
Love flowing,
To every face,
Beauty past words,
To every you,
Raining love’s intent,

Let’s escape!
Take my hand…

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