Circle Jerks

She thought the liar loved her but he played her like a drum/ he was gettin’ his from down south she was suckin’ on his thumb/he left her eatin’ road dust when the other one said, “cum!”/ she lost her heart and turned to stone and got herself another one/ It came to pass one summer day she found out he was dumped/ the one who left her for another was another chump/ he came back cryin’ “baby baby baby love me love me please!”/ she told him “you an’ me are friends…no lover love…buddies!”/ this is how it happens that a lady learns to leave/ that men learn how to use ’em until hearts no longer bleed/ ’til love in life is meaningless and only Play is King/ ’til all three words “I love you” doesn’t mean a fucking thing!

She was with the one she chose and he dumped her like a rock/ she went back to the first one to try to get to talk/ she was down and lonely sayin’ “baby baby PLEASE!”/ he told her she was nuthin’ even if she’s on her knees/ so he found himself another one to flaunt it in her face/ but dry hearts cannot cry so she just went on at the plays/ the gal he chose got sick of him and kicked him to the curb/ he went back to the first one singin’ “BABY!” like a bird/ in the end they just decided they were better off alone./ when the dirt was shoveled in no one stood by the stone.

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