The Wolf Pack

There was a wolf pack whose leader had become quite powerful.

The rest of the wolves followed but one of the other wolves secretly wanted to lead. The oldest wolf of all saw this and was saddened but he knew not to get involved as he owed his long life and wisdom to allowing the other wolves to fight each other as they so chose. These two alpha wolves banded together pretending, even to themselves, that this was for the good of all. Secretly they went to the others in the wolf pack…especially the young ones…and praised them and groomed them and tried to make them mindless followers of themselves alone and when they stood together they pretended to be together. They did this all the while claiming it was for the packs good.

There was a lone wolf in the pack they had allowed in. First the lead wolf tried to sway the loner and then the other one, who wanted to lead, tried. When it became clear that the lone wolf would not take sides they invited the pack to watch them tear the lone wolf to pieces…all this was done while saying this mutilation of the lone wolf was for it’s own good but they each saw and everyone saw they is was not from good but only from a desire to be right and to conquer and rule. Fearing more battles the other wolves stayed away and the old wolf was sad as the lone wolf made some savage last cuts and left.

The lone wolf was no longer there to cut and torment and they had all seen now what traitors they could be, even to each other so even as they growled and slavered and plotted on the missing wolf the wolf was gone…they now knew truth and they secretly were afraid of each other that the other should attack them next.

It was only a matter of time before they would tear each other to pieces….

….and 8 years later…the pack was demolished.

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