Looking For God

I love you

You know this well
Bright light
In a dark world
A father’s voice
Sings a lullaby
To the smile
Of a future


I think of you
One leaf falls
A white flower
Like a lover’s letter
Words drift
Gossamer silks
Catch Earth’s breath

Explodes slowly
Over the horizon
Thousands of miles away
Curled in your heart
All the words
Of love

Nothing cupped
In my two hands
Only prayers for you


Angels played
A joke upon my heart
With the beauty
Of your mind

No regrets
To roll in loveliness
Eternal memory
You did not know
It was me
Wearing any face
Pleasing you most

Perhaps believe
Only you alone
Yet in you are
All my loves
Distilled to a perfection


On the walls of my mind


Like a dream
Sparkling Sirius
Sword sweeping skies
Nights striding
Across the heavens
Years I watch
Looking for YOU


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