On the Right

“Here are the top hottest women of Instagram. Number one will shatter your mind.”

I just saw that ad and knew the cookie makers still think I am a guy. Next to that ad was an ad for plastic surgery to make you look younger, an ad about a woman whose husband left her for a younger man and she had to take ‘drastic action’ to preserve her looks and last, but not least, the venerable ad for Viagra.

Sex sex and more sex. Youth rules. Old people need plastic surgery and new teeth and, BTW, you can now buy realistic penis implants.

I kept on looking at the sh*t served on the side and saw a little blurb about ‘marching towards world war three’ and to top everything off Putin now owns most of the frozen tundra. And North America is on fire out west and the Chinese send scrambler jets out every time Obama visits Alaska.

“Watch out where the Huskies go…don’t you eat that yellow snow…and like Frank Zappa also said, “We are DUMB ALL OVER!”

“Pay us to boost your book sales!”

Really this means, (with a very few exceptions like,say, Samuel T. Clemons), that you are rich enough to publish yourself but you really suck as a writer so if you pay us more money than the 5 to 10 K you already spent on several hundred copies of junk you will end up giving away as Christmas gifts, to family, until you die, we will find people with money who will buy your trash for the cover photo on it.

Of course there is the ‘celebrity that lied’ and was ‘kicked from television.’ Quite a few have been kicked from TV including Oprah and Ellen D. but they are still on TV so who’s a liar?

People who guard our nuclear arsenals sit in the gang hoods, on the front porch, armed so they can hang out in the evenings. The price of milk went up 100% or more in the last two years relative to the price of tea in China.

The TV people tell us who to hate. They also tell us who to vote for and what to buy. Someone said, (I can’t recall who), “If voting changed anything it wouldn’t be allowed. Donald Trump is just doing his duty as the paid clown to off-set the vote for the Demicans and the Republicrats.

One bird, two wings, same …. anyway you can save on phone calls with Vonage. It says so right there on the right!

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