Monkey Nuts

Ka Mosh

Methinks me thinks too much.
Sort of blank with an internal scream
Without emotion this time
The whine of ELF noise in my skull
Desiring the mask of music
Feeling how close

Disconnect is

Holding the cat close while he purrs
Knowing he will ask for treats

Like we all do

Somewhere back in my brain
Is a woman who will go through a reset
I have the passwords saved
I have no idea if it will save my aether cord
Wings that take me all over the world
While ass sits in padded chair



Why there is so little of the bells
The teapot soprano muted
Wondering if that mosquito
Injected IDGAF in my veins


That must be it

You want to be detached
You believe you will find bliss here

My dear

This is where inspiration
Goes to die
Booting up your ‘OM’
It won’t really go anywhere

And that’s the point.

All of the labels we desire
All the ones we run from
Or embrace because we are ‘that’
I never forget of course
Like elephants

But I forget every day.

I am going to wait for help
This time even if hell freezes
Before help comes.
It’s OK if it isn’t done today.
I am tired of trying.


You have to GET IT!
It’s OK to be less than perfect
It’s OK to be tired sometimes
It doesn’t matter how many loci
You operate from

People who pride themselves
On mental stability
Or mental superiority
On the ability to stay one

All of them
Are just as screwed as you.
The ones who say
You are not smart
Because you believe in God
The ones who use God as an excuse

Trust me we are all gonna pay one day
You can even call it karma from dharma
Or hell or heaven
Or peanut butter on monkey nuts

It doesn’t matter
It’s going to happen

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