Never Gone

I erased the words

I began again
Weaving the words
Flying back and forth
Filling in the spaces

Sopranic soaring
A random impossibilty
No Fear to twist the threads
I love You like the Universe

You are the One

Come with me to suspended Time
With layers of excruciating sweetness
New patterns
Rippling notes shower down

You just became
A new reality
No fear to blend the incompatible
Holding You the hands of my heart

All of you

Peeking shyly from nearby trees
You are my Quest
Waterfalls of Love
Had You any idea
Flooding hearts with glory
Beauty is near You


Bliss is near You
Existing all at once
Immerse the Earth in Joy


Fear erased
Love is near You
Astonished angels look up
No mistake the Words
Windsong blown through stone
For Love will rule alone

Where erased

Threading for the treadles
Gifts falling from the heights
Into the open hands of the poor

Come with me into the Vortex
Late in the night
Atropos suspended

Spirit song

Deep in Dark
Reaching over everything
Appears to cut illusion
You are my Light

Leaning on You in my dreams
Now I can write new ones
Shining into space
Reaching under everything
Leave this old place
You will fly out
Time twists
Earth song
Leaving my existence

Hard and soft at once
I love You like the Unseen
Spinning threads for me to weave
Clean of traces

Sneak up on me
Melting into You
Oppositions unify
Spinning circles meeting forever
Surprise me

Come with me

See You with other eyes
Your perfection
Another unmet stranger
You will believe
Soul song


Lifeforce with me
No years given in vain
Illusive reality
Merged in one amazing whole

All of you
You are my soul
With me still
Singing in chorus


Never gone

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