My Prayer Is Love

I call out ‘Beauty!’

It Falls into my open hands
Sweet and bright

My love is fierce

Kept forever
Even broken
Until the Beginning

We will ride into the wind
High on the plains

The heavens
Will come to our rescue

At the last moment
One ray of light
Your face appears
My soul


Galloping into the sunset
Backs arched into speed

In the niaat
To send you Grace
Over generations
Snapping banners
Lead the charge

Your lovely face

My body
May be trapped
My mind flies
Backwards moving
Over Time Itself
Desires to give

Wild slung rage
I will meet you
Burning tears
All I have to give


Next to you
While you sleep

Whispered songs
Your great exploits

So I hold
You in my mind
My Dream Quest
I will meet you


I will dance with Joy

Forever fades
An idea
Running back
Into the Circle
Reborn into Love
I will meet you
Creation will sing


I throw the bottle
Into the Ocean
Washed away
The skies will sing


Wash up at my feet
Beating drums
Bone horns blow
Skipping stone heart


Rooted deep
Words spill tidal waves
Sound cracks air
Remade the Dream
When armies march
I will meet you

All I want
Is to see your eyes
Golden suns
Renounced the tears
On the horizon
Of my soul

Let me love you
All by myself
I can love you
You never
Need to return one niaat
Mine is enough
Replayed the game
For hundreds of you
For thousands of years

I will meet you

Webbed at each node
Left at our backs
Retraced the song
Chills up your spine
You will feel me

From far away
Blowing past
Riding the Jet Stream
I will meet you

Will be my relief
After the storms
Of Forever pass

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