Smash The Glass

This prayer

So many
Alone in rooms
Watching images flicker
On boxes on tables and walls
Spill laughter into darkness


All that there is
I pray You stay

All of life’s reality
Condensed into numerical fog
Become Light

This is Evil
We will show you
Freedom of the Press

I pray You love us still
Soak in the light

Seek the heavens
We press this out
Wine for wars

Drink it
Rise on older winds
I pray we are forgiven
Forgetting high
On the flowing blood

Paint yourself with it
Breathe deeply
Waterfalls of centuries
We swim in blood
We cannot see it


I pray we will transform
Drive ghosts away
We breath it
We eat it
We beat it
We need it
Explode the myths


I pray that hate will die
This is Love
Look at it
Desire it for yourself
Reach into the empty room
Destroy the shadows
Only a shadow

Smash the glass

What Do You Think?

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